Pipe Light Boat Trailer Lights

Pipe Light - Boat Trailer Lights

Pipe-Light offers out of the water stop, turn and tail lights boat trailer NHTSA legal applications.  Our LED boat trailer lights come in complete solution kits easily installed with tools you probably already have in your toolbox. Wiring diagrams and comprehensive instructions are included. Pipe-Light works on almost any boat or utility trailer using 12 volt lights.

Why Pipe Light - Our boat trailer lights are the number one choice for all boat owners and fisherman. With Pipe-Light you might never replace your lights again!

Pipe-Lights are Effective!

Pipe Lights make backing your boat trailer down the ramp a breeze. The high positioning and bright illumination gives the driver the visibility needed to properly position the trailer for parking and storing, as well as launching and loading. Takes the guesswork out of trailer positioning.

Installation is Quick & Easy!

Pipe-Lights are easy to install. We provide easy to follow, comprehensive documentation that provides all the information you need to know about how to assemble and install Pipe-Lights in 90 minutes or less with tools you already have in your toolbox.

The Pipe-Lights solution!

Pipe-Lights are a complete solution for your guide-on lights.  The LED Kit contains stop, turn, tail side marker and license plate lights. Everything you need for your trailer set up. Keeping your lights out of the water makes lights last  10 times  longer.

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