Boat Trailer Lights – Pipe-Light Kit 3- 1020

Pipe-Light Boat Trailer LED Light Kit 3 -1020

Suggested Retail Price: $109.95

Perfect solution for your boat trailer light requirements. Pipe-Light Boat Trailer Lights insert onto your existing 2″ PVC trailer guide-ons.

Pipe-Lights are durable, easy to install and offer excellent visibility due to their higher positioning compared to a standard trailer light.

The fact that the lights are positioned higher ensures that the lights and their components do not get submerged during the launch and loading of the boat. This simple feature can make your lights last 10 times longer and even more. The lights also come with stop, tail and turn functions. Amber reflective tape on light housing aids in backing trailer at night.

Our most complete solution,

Pipe-Light Boat Trailer Light Kit 3 includes:

  • Two 10 diode 6 inch lights good for approximately 10,000 hours
  • Side markers and LED license plate bracket and light included
  • Two pipe lights housing, assembly parts, connectors and wiring leads
  • Comprehensive directions. Installation in under two hours.

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Pipe-Light Boat Trailer Light Kit 3 is DOT approved for over 80 inch wide trailers.